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Kerkyra is the capital of the island and the capital of the Ionian region. It is built on the east coast of the island on a peninsula that divides the city into two sections. Corfu has a population of 31,359 inhabitants The new part of the city is characterized by its large squares, large avenues and modern buildings. The old part of Corfu is one of the most picturesque places in Greece with a complex of narrow cobbled streets with stairways and vaulted passages, the so-called “kantoúnia”, traditional Corfu with a complete separate style of the medieval l state will make you feel as if you’ve travelled to Genoa or Naples...

The next feature of Corfu is its intense tourism. Corfu is beautiful with verdurous scenery, wonderful beaches, with hospitable residents.   An ideal tourist destination for all kinds of vacations. The island from a morphological point of view is its semi-mountainous and this helps to create such natural bays that in turn create wonderful beaches.  Almost all of Corfu is covered by hills; the most important ones are the Pantokratoras, Stravoskiadis and Tsoukas.

In the city of Corfu we come upon two characteristic Venetian fortresses and many old churches, which are important monuments of architecture.  Apart from the Venetian monuments, there are many sights that adorn the city, such as Spindiada, the beautiful square that is one of the most characteristic points of Corfu, the church of Patron saint Spyridon, the tombs of Kapodistrias and the fighter of the Revolution Fotou Tzavela , The place where the tomb of our National Poet Dionysios Solomos and the palace  of  Achilleion, which has taken its name after the statue of dying Achilles in its garden.  Achillion was occasionally used as the summer home of many international personalities.  Other attractions include the former royal summer palace called "Mon Repo", the Archaeological and Sino-Japanese Museum of the city, the Public Library and the Town Hall of Corfu.

►TIP: Certainly there are dozens of reasons to visit Corfu at any time of the year. We certainly suggest the Easter period, at the heart of spring, where many events are held for the most important celebration of Christianity. It is definitely an unforgettable experience.



Municipality of Corfu
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Fire Department
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Airport ( Ioannis Kapodistrias)
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InterCity Bus 
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Civil Bus 
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Corfu Port
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