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Crete is the biggest and the most populated island of Greece and the fifth biggest in length of Mediterranean, after Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus and Corsica. Capital and the largest city is Heraklion,and is located approximately in the middle of the north coast of the island.

Heraklion is the fourth biggest city in Greece, and has the biggest port in Crete, such as the biggest airport.The airport of Heraklion is also known as The International Airport Nikos Kazantzakis, having taken it's name from the most famous author of Crete internationally.

In the approximately 3.000 years of it's life, Heraklion has to demostrate a turbulent history. When first inhabited the low hill, that today is the center of the town of Heraklion, it is not known with chronological accuracy. Besides in ancient times the main urban center was Knossos.For the matter of the name Heraklion, it most likely originates from Hercules himself, the mythical father of the Olympic Games.

Heraklion is connected with good roads to all cities of Crete. Here goes the north road axis, which crosses Crete from west to east along the entire length of the north coast and unites the cities Kisamos, Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion, Saint Nikolaos and Sitia. Because Heraklion is located in the center of Crete, is easy to travel from here to every location of the island, either with public transportation ( KTEL) or with a car.

So if you found yourself in Heraklion, you must go for a walk in the Liberty Square, the big square of Heraklion with the Gate of Saint George, the Prefecture and the Archaelogical Museum, continuing the streets Daidalou and Korai, where there is the pedestrian shopping street and the cafes in the heart of the town. Also, you must go through the Lions or the Square of Lions, in Eleftheriou Venizelou Square where is located the beautiful fountain house Morozini, the famous fountain with the lions.In Fountain Mpempo, a wonderful Venetian fountain house right next to the tourkish monument in Kornarou Square and also Saint Minas, the cathedral temple and protector Saint of Heraklion.

The most beautiful road of the town, 25th Augoust street or Planis street, to end up in the old Venetian harbor and the new port of Heraklion. Finally, Koules, the Venetian fortress in the entrance of the harbor, constitutes the symbol of the city of Heraklion. 

The night life of the city is located, literally, on the coastal avenue. 

We recommend 2-3 days of stay in Heraklion and to continue your travel in the traditional mountainous villages or to the magestic coastal destination of the island. The choices are endless. Enjoy the island of Crete for at least one week, since there are much that you can not miss.

TIP: Buy local products, you will not find better in their kind.

Airport:   2810 397800

Port Police:   2810 244912

Olympic Air:   2810 288073

Aegean:   2810 330475

Minoan lines:   801 1175000

ANEK lines:   2810 222481

Taxi:   2810 210102, 2810 361362, 2810 211212

Touristic Police:   2810 283190

Traffic Police:   2810 247790

General University Hospital of Heraklio:   2810 392111, 2813 402111

Venizelio Hospital:   2810 368000, 2810 408000

Heraklio Port
Tel: 2810 246530, 245020

Other Cities - timetable information

Agios Nikolaos, Tel: 28410 22234
Sitia, Tel: 28430 22272
Ierapetra, Tel: 28420 28237