one&only Hydra

Romantics, hikers, art lovers or cosmopolitan travelers, we all fit in the seductive kingdom of this Argosaronic queen.

To get to Hydra, you no longer need an old fishing boat like the one that brought Sophia Loren there in 1956. From Piraeus, you can be on the island in under 90 minutes with the dolphin. Though quite a few years have passed since Sophia stepped ashore, the town, rising amphitheatrically around the port, seems unchanged from how it appeared in the film "The Boy on a Dolphin", which made Hydra famous. The town is bathed in shades of gray, blue and white. Its highlights include the mansions of the revolutionary-era sea captains, the statue of war hero Miaoulis and the canons that protected the port during the Revolution of 1821. Driving any kind of vehicle along Hydra's narrow streets is strictly forbidden so the only way to get around is on foot, or the back of a horse or donkey. The higher you climb in Chora, the main town, the better the view - and the more you can see of the less touristy neighborhoods like Kiafa and the church of Agios Nikolaos perched high above everything. Alternatively, you can get that 1960s Hollywood feel by hopping on a donkey or a mule. A rank of them waits down at the port.

Wherever you look in this little gem of Argosaronic, you will find something that charms you: two story houses with hip tile roofs, whitewashed countryards and colorful bougainvilleas, as well as imposing stone mansions that once belonged to important historical figures, all harmoniously blending into the rocky hillside.

An art lover's paradise. Hydra has always been a heaven for all kinds of artists, among them prolific local painters Nikos Hadjikyriakos - Ghikas (1906-1994) and his student, Panagiotis Tetsis (1925-2016); you will find their work, too, in the annex of the School of Fine Arts, along with those of other important artists.

Hydra has adopted a subtle cosmopolitan character, better suited to its personality.

TIP: We recommend a trip in Hydra from March till the end of October. It worth spending there the Easter, and of course in summer they have a naval celebration called "Miaoulia".



Public Services in Hydra
Country Code: +30

Town Hall of Hydra 22980-52210, 53003

Port authority 22980-52279

Police 22980-52205

Marine Academy 22980-52208

Post Office 22980-52262, 53398

Cottage Hospital of Hydra 22980-52420

Hospital 22980-53150

Metropolis 22980-52208

Citizen Service Center 22980-53365, FAX: 22980-52955

Museum of History 22980-52355

Ecclesiastic Museum 22980-54071

L. Kountouriotis Museum 22980-52421

P. Kountouriotis Museum 22980-52245

Hellas Flying Dolphin 22980-54007, 53812

AEGEAN Flying Dolphins 22980-54180, fax: 22980-54185

ALPHA Bank 22980-54053

National Bank 22980-52578

Ε.Ο.Τ. 22980-52184