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Paros is an island of the Cyclades and is located in the Aegean Sea. already inhabited in the 4th millennium BC and experienced periods of economic and artistic prosperity, and periods of intense violence, decadence and looting. Paros, nowadays, is among the most popular holiday destinations, has remarkable tourist development and offering all the services necessary to the traveler.

Capital of the island is Paroikia, which is located in the west coast, acosmopolitan Cycladic town. Second largest is Naousa, a beautiful fishing village, and is certainly one of the most beautiful harbors in the Aegean. Very important for Paros are the vivid, picturesque villages. Some of the largest villages are Leukes, Marmara, Kostos, Prodromos, Marpissa, Piso Livadi, Dryos, Agairia and Alyki.

The subsoil of Paros consists mainly of granite with limestone islets, the marbles. The marble of Paros was prized in antiquity and that is why we call on Paros, the island of Marble. 

Paros has a lot to offer the traveler such as simplicity and beautiful architecture, an island really whitewashed like the marble. The beaches are rather numerous and for all kinds of tastes. There are interesting monuments, villages and attractions on the island, such as Panagia Ekatontapiliani, the Venetian Castle in Naousa and the Cycladic History Museum. 

Paros has to offer a variety of activities for sports enthusiasts, very good food and a lively nightlife, especially in Naousa.

TIP: We recommend July and August as the best months to get on the island, and at least 4 days stay.

Emergency numbers
Paros Police Station (Paroikia): +30 22840 23333

Paros Police Station (Naousa): +30 22840 51202

Paroikia Port Authority: +30 22840 21240

Naousa Port Authority: +30 22840 51 250

Fire Brigade: +30 22840 25199

Health Centre: +30 22843 60000

Medical Centre: +30 22840 24410

Ambulance: +30 22840 22500

Medical Practice of Marpissa: +30 22840 41205

Medical Practice of Agkairia: +30 22840 91277

Medical Practice of Naousa: +30 22840 51216

Medical Practice of Marmara: +30 22840 43065

Medical Practice of Kostos: +30 22840 23730

Medical Practice of Lefkes: +30 22840 41728

Public Services:
Paros Municipality: +30 22843 60100 - 105

Paros Provincial Authority: +30 22843 60171

Municipal Police: +30 22843 60155, 60157

Tourist Police: +30 22840 21673

Tourist Information: +30 22843 60170

Citizen Service Centre (Paroikia) +30 22840 24912, 24735

Citizen Service Centre (Naousa) +30 22840 51691

Municipal Society for the Cultural Development of Paros +30 22843 60167

Municipal Library: +30 22480 28 233