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Santorini with the special history and the legends that has been following her, the traditional settlements and the intense social life, has dominated the world. It's the southernmost island of Cyclades and one can travel there either with a ferry or a plane, reaching the port of the island -southwest of Fira- or the international airport of Santorini (JTR), respectively.

It has a long history, since it's has been stigmatized from the repeated volcanic eruptions, even altering the shape of the island. The graphic villages, with the narrow cobblestone streets, the little squares and their churches, impress every traveler.

The view to the volcano – which most of the touristic resorts of the island have- it's magical. The spectacle is unique especially at sunset. Although the pictures with Santorinis sunset have travel all around the world. It's the time when the island visitors rush in kaldera to watch and admire the red sky, truly a unique life experience.

One of the most beautiful cities of Greece is Fira, also the capital of the island. It is built in an impressive location on the top of the steep mountains at an altitude of 260m. and was found the late 18th century. Fira are 10 miles from the port of the island. A tour in the city is a must  and during your visit in the island, since there you will se the picturesque neighborhoods, white houses, churches with light blue domes, it is typical of the picturesque capital. In the alleys of Fira, you will find the majority of the shops, coffee houses and restaurants.

Santorini is included every year to the five most popular destinations of the world, and that is not by chance, since it's natural beauty, the view, the sunset are all magical but mostly, unique. This choise is a quarantee, sincce there is nothing that will leave you disappointed.

TIP: Visit the island ideally from April to June, but also September-October (July and August is to hot for long walks that worth it, and also the tourism is excessively increased). We recommend stay of at least three days. 

Τel. +30 22860 25404. The central bus station is at the Square of Fira. You can find itineraries and time schedules in

Useful telephone numbers
Police Department of Thira tel. +30 22860 22649

Police Department of Oia tel. +30 22860 71954

Port Authority tel. +30 22860 22239

Municipality of Thira tel. 22863 60100

Oia, tel. +30 22860 71228

Kamari, tel. +30 22860 31451

Mesaria, tel. +30 22860 31604

Perissa & Emporio, tel. +30 22860 81333

Pyrgos, tel. +30 22860 31226

Metropolis of Thera tel. +30 22860 22260, 25920

Catholic Church tel. +30 22860 22244

Fire Brigade tel. +30 22860 33199

ΟΤΕ (Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation) tel. +30 22860 22135

Public Power Corporation tel. +30 22860 22258

Post office
Fira, tel. +30 22860 22238

Emporio, tel. +30 22860 81120

Oia, tel. +30 22860 71444

Airport tel. +30 22860 28400

Aegean Airlines: tel. 2860 28500

Olympic Air: tel.8018010101 and +30 22860 22793, 31666

Gold Air: tel. +30 22860 30766

Swiss Port: tel. +30 22860 33113

Medical services
Health Center/ Ambulance tel. 22863 60300-4 

Central Clinic of Santorini Fira, tel. +30 22860 21728

Radiology Center Fira, tel. +30 22860 25855, mob. 6976 681327

Santorini Renal Nephrology Holiday dialysis centre, tel. +30 22860 27107, +30 22860 27108, fax +30 22860 25618

Regional Health Centers
Kamari, tel. +30 22860 31175

Emporio, tel. +30 22860 81222

Oia, tel. +30 22860 71277

Pyrgos, tel. +30 22860 31207

Thirasia, tel. +30 22860 29144


Atlantis Books

Atlantis Books is an independent bookshop on the island of Santorini, Greece, founded in 2004 by a group of friends from Cyprus, England, and the United States. 

They have fiction and non-fiction in Greek, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and two shelves of Dutch. Throughout the year they host literary festivals, film screenings, book readings, and good old fashioned dance parties.

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