one&only Spetses

Whether on foot or by bicycle, in a horse-drawn carriage or by car, there are so many ways to explore Spetses. Just make sure you stop off along the way to admire elegant mansions and dive into its crystal clear waters.

The elegance of Spetses strikes you the moment you spot the classic houses on the coastal road beside the monastery of Aghios Nikolaos. Perched on the rocks, these simple, high-ceiling residences are typical of the period of the Greek Revolution of 1821. Well worth a visit is the Chatziyianni - Mexi Mansion, which operates as a museum,displaying period furniture. Note also the Laskarina Bouboulina Museum, where you can get a guided tour from Filippos Bouboulis, a descendant of Bouboulina, the naval commander and heroine of the Greek Revolution. The impeccably renovated Poseidonion Grand Hotel is also a landmark in its own right, adding to the island's air of sophistication. It opened for the first time in 1914, it was built with the aim of enhancing the island's cosmopolitan character, by Sotirios Anargyros, one of the island's great benefactors, who had emigrated at a young age, amassed great wealth and returned to Spetses.

The old port bursting with life, alongside the shipyards are taverns, cafes and bars with tables by the sea, with fishing boats, speedboats and sailboats moored nearby; in short, an idyllic setting for the island's vibrant nightlife. The old port, inhabited since antiquity, is a good place to start your tour through the history of Spetses. If, however, you prefer a stroll in the countryside, it's only a short walk to the Cape of Faros. On your way, do make a stop at the Church of Panagia Armata, which lends its name to the island's most important feast, taking place every September.

TIP: Don't forget conventional cars are strictly prohibited in Spetses. You are, of course, free to roam around by Segway, motorbike or taxi, and you will notice how delightfully all these alternative modes of transportation work together.

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Tourist Police Station : (0030) 2298073100

Medical Centre : (0030) 2298072472

Coastguard Station : (0030) 2298072245

Taxi : (0030) 6932200240 - (0030) 6944605784

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