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Metsovo is located 415km from Athens (via Trikala) and 490 km (via Ioannina). From Thessaloniki it’s only a 250 km drive. If distances seem too big, you can also book a flight to Ioannina from Athens or Thessaloniki. The distance Ioannina - Metsovo is just 55 km.

This tree-shaded village, retaining its traditional character, dots the mountain side below Katara Col in the Mountain Range of Pindos. Metsovo is full of life throughout the year generously offering you its natural surrounding beauties. Particularly during winter, the famous vlach village, birthplace of various national benefactors (Tositsas, Stournaras, Averof etc.), is Epirus’ beloved tourist destination. 

Half hidden in the fog or wrapped in a snow blanket as winter sets in; Metsovo practically looks like a painting. Enjoy this marvelous inviting village and:
- see art and culture introducing you to an ongoing tradition.
- tour this gray stone village with red tile roofs and its green surrounding.
- admire the two storey mansions, with their traditionally constructed balconies (hayat) and wooden doors.
- quench your thirst at one out of many stone-built drinking fountains and savour famous local dishes.
- revive your senses by hiking in the mountains and crossing the rivers.

You’ll realise how important food is for Metsovo at a first glance, or may we say at a “first smell”!!! The tavernas in the village’s square are set early on, with their spits roasting all sorts of meats. Enjoy 'epic' feasts; kontosouvli in parchment paper, delicious sausages and “loads” of pies! This is where you’ll find stores selling the region’s dairy products, of which metsovone and metsovela cheeses stand out.

TIP: Pass by the Tositsa Dairy Foundation, train your tastebuds, learn and purchase excellent dairy products. Finally, don’t miss the Averoff Winery Katogi; a place of great interest as you can find its bottled wine, Katogi, one of the most renowned in the country.

Police in Metsovo: (+30) 26560 41233

Municipality of Metsovo: (+30) 26560 41207

Health Center in Metsovo: (+30) 26560 41111

Ski resort in Metsovo: (+30) 26560 42630

KTEL in Metsovo: (+30) 26560 41280


Mountain biking in Epirus

Epirus is the region of Greece with steep and imposing relief, criss-crossed by mountains and rivers ideal for mountain bike enthusiasts. Going from north to south, the mountain ranges are interrupted by fertile plains and valleys. The forests and highlands of Epirus are an ideal setting for cross country biking excursions. The pristine Mt Tymphe with its sprawling, untrodden forests, the mountain lakes and the vertical mountain slopes is ideal for mountain biking in landscapes of breathtaking beauty.

Its highest summit Gamila stands at 2,497 meters (c. 8,200 feet) and hosts very interesting flora and fauna in its high alpine meadows. This mountain range becomes even more imposing with the Vikos gorge (with Voidomatis River) sharply defining its southwestern face, while the large ravine of Aoos river flanks its north-northeastern face. The Vikos gorge is a trench about 15 kilometres - 9 miles long, with almost perpendicular rock faces about 1,000 meters - 3,300 feet high. The Vikos-Aoos national forest reserve is established in order to protect the unspoiled natural environment of the Tymphe mountain range as well as the two deep river ravines that enclose it. The nature reserve encompasses many altitude zones, creating many different micro-climates allowing for a huge variety of plant species to flourish in the relatively small area of the reserve, attracting also many animal species that find safe refuge there.

Mountain biking is considered environmentally friendly and it is permitted within the nature reserve area. The starting point for all spins into the reserve is the town of Konitsa. It is a charming small town with stone houses and narrow alleys, a meeting point for all nature lovers (beginners and experts alike), since it is near the National Forest Reserve of Vikos-Aoos, which encompasses a large area around the Vikos and Aoos ravines. One of the most spectacular mountain biking trails starts in the village Gannadio at an altitude of 800 meters (c. 2,600 feet) and makes a 42 km (c. 25 miles) circle to Konitsa. Exceptional landscape, stunning vistas, verdurous surroundings offer the biker an unprecedented experience.

The difference in altitude from the lowest to the highest point of that biking trail is 1,700 meters (c. 5,600 feet). Soon after you leave Gannadio, you get into the forest, marvelling at the many varieties of trees from plane and hazelnut trees, to cedar and fir, from beech to lowland pine and black pine. Pedalling along in this everchanging kaleidoscope of tree forms and colours, the biker experiences nature with all senses.

Extra tip: The ideal seasons for mountain biking in Epirus are spring and autumn. During the summer it is best to avoid the midday heat and sun exposure.

Anilio Ski Center

Ski Center Anilio Metsovo, just 50 km from Ioannina, 80 from Trikala and 215 from Thessaloniki, the snow lovers will have the chance to enjoy at an altitude of 1850 meters endless descents.

The newest ski resort in the country has slopes for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, but also opportunity for descents on untrodden snow. The equipment includes a two-seat lift 800 meters in length, two sliding-new 280 and 300 meters, two baby lifts and two chionostrotires.

Total lifts: 5
believers Total: 13


Mobile: +30 6980-760850
E-mail:, URL:

Ski Anilio Metsovo

Mountain: Peristeri

Elevation: 1680 m. - 1850 m.


It has five skiing and a snowboarding slopes.

1 red
7 blue
2 green


Ski Centre Anilio has 5 lifts, of which:

1 two seater aerial lift, length 800 m.
2 brand new sliding length of 280 m. And 300 m., Respectively.
2 baby lifts, length 80 m. And 120 m., Respectively

Other facilities / services
Chalet: Located next to the slopes and the parking. It is a stone building, developed on two levels, with two fireplaces and views of the slopes and Metsovo. Among others, one can try and local dishes, accompanied by champagne.

Shop ski rental and snowboard.
ski school.
snowkite lessons.
Access / Roads

Access to Anilio is very easy and is done safely and quickly through the Egnatia Odos. Even with difficult weather conditions, the road is clear, as apochionizetai 24 hours a day from the snow machines.

Prophet Elias Ski Center

Contact Info

Tel .: +30 26 560 29 111, 41 095, Fax: +30 41 095 26560
Mobile: +30 6944-423406
E-mail:, URL:

Ski Prophet Elias Metsovo

Mountain: Mavrovouni

Ski Centre Prophet Elijah or Politsies as is widely known, is located in Politsies plateau of Mount Mavrovouni, next to the chapel of Prophet Elias.

Elevation: 1360 m. - 1620 m.

Slopes (Ski Resort Prophet Elias has a total of five downhill and cross a street luge).


1 red, Ulysses, length 1000 m.
2 blue

Theseus, length 1200 m.
Venus, length 1200 m.

2 green

Politsora 1 length 300 m.
Politsora two 150 m long.

One endurance road track (Lang Lauf), length 7 km.


Three lifts serve the needs of the ski.


T BAR, length 700 m. And capacity 600 persons / hour.
Theseus, length 250 m. And capacity 600 persons / hour.
Venus, length 120 m. And capacity 250 persons / hour.

Other Facilities / Services

Chalet with restaurant and cafeteria, which operates throughout the year.
ski school.
rental shops Ski and snowmobile equipment.
Snow truck, a bus-like vehicle, consisting of two cars and make passengers walking in the snow.
Parking lot.

Access / Roads

Access to the Ski Prophet Elias is very easy as it is located next to the National Road Ioannina - Trikala, near the Curse region. It is 4 km. Metsovo 50 km. from Ioannina.

The CK facilities open from December to March, daily from 9:45 a.m. until 3.45 pm

By 2005 the Ski Centre operated only during the winter season. But since November 2005, it was converted into a park which is able to operate throughout the year. To this contributed the synthetic turf installation at the track Politsora 1 length 300 m. And width of 12 m. And the creation chionotsoulithron track with a length of 72 m., Consisting of two turns. The descent to the inner tube in this track is an incredible experience worth trying.

Every year thousands of visitors arrive at the ski center or indulge in activities and games in the snow (ski, snow board, ski board, etc.) or in conjunction with their visit to the beautiful Metsovo, enjoy their coffee in scenery with snow.

Besides amateurs - visitors who want to try their skills in skiing, conducted annually nationwide and county championships with the participation of many athletes.


Car rental
Delivery, Pickup from Airport
Cars of All Types
Daily Care

Address: Dodoni Avenue 109, 452 21 Ioannina Ioannina

Tel .: +30 265 104 3901
Mobile: +30 693 264 1943

Fontus Spa at Grand Forest Metsovo

Fontus Spa of Grand Forest Metsovo has an elegant environment, inspired by human’s natural need for rejuvenation. Moments of comfort and relaxation can be offered to every guest.

A series of treatments by Germaine de Capuccini, varying from its most classic to its latest cutting-edge ones, promises care and rehabilitation for the face and body, while creating a sense of well-being and joy to whomever takes them.

The products, techniques and treatments applied by the qualified personnel of Fontus Spa are synonymous with beauty, health and renewal of soul and body.

Indulge yourself in the wellness world of Fontus spa and tranquility of the natural landscape.

(Kindly note that children under the age of 18 are not allowed to access any Spa areas - except for the outdoor pool and strictly under adult supervision.)

Tel. +30 26560 29001

Spa at Archontiko Metsovou Boutique Hotel

With each reservation the hotel offers - FREE - the individual - 60-minute spa program with excellent double jacuzzi, massage, Power plate, sauna - steam room. Also in the hotel courtyard with its panoramic views of the surrounding mountains is a swimming pool and outdoor Jacuzzi.

44200 Metsovo, Central Square, 5 V. Zaousi, Greece
Tel.: +30 2656029100 Mob.: +30 6972553040
Fax: +30 2656029102 Email:

METSOVONE: The local cheese

Semi-hard, smoked cheese, made from cow's milk by admixing sheep or goat (at a rate not exceeding 20%), with the technique of pasta filata and has been recognized as a PDO Metsovo. The cheese rolls, upon exiting the special molds used to produce them, tied with string and hung to be smoked and then aged for at least 3 months. Smoking and production method help to create a very special cheese golden mass interspersed with small holes, waxed externally. Its taste is pleasantly smoky, texture soft and smooth. THE Metsovone consumed as table cheese, but participates in the preparation of various dishes. Pies, gratin, pies, pasta dishes, vegetables or meat gives its own distinctive smoky flavor. Combined with white wine or light, medium body red.

Katogi Averoff Winery

The Katogi Averoff winery is in Metsovo, a mountain village built some 1100 metres above sea-level. The oldest parts of the winery date back to 1973, when work began on a new building required to cover the company’s ever-increasing production needs.

Today, after eight separate extensions and renovations, the winery is equipped with all the modern facilities for producing and bottling premium wine. The cellars boast over 1200 oak barrels in which our red wines mature, while the winery shop offers rare and collectible wines for sale. A tour of the winery includes multimedia guidance, introducing the visitor to wine production and the history of the winery. A tour is rounded off with tastings of a selection of Katogi Averoff wines.

As you descend the stairs into our wine cellars, your senses are heightened by the aromas of wine. Production continues all around: the must fermenting in tanks; wines maturing in barrels and ageing in bottles; wines being bottled and labelled ready for drinking.

Operation hours: 10:00 - 16:00


Tel: +30 26560 31490