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Pelion, the legendary mountain of the Centaurs, is a magnificent combination of mountain and sea scenery, which rises imposing northeast of Volos. It is a tourist destination all year long, having a dense network of hiking trails and coves with small or large beaches with sand or pebbles. In Pelion there are more than 40 villages and settlements built with the traditional architecture of Pelion. Some are more scenic, others are more agricultural and less touristy developed, some are inaccessible, others are more majestic and rich, some are big, built amphitheatrically on imposing slopes that remind of the traveler's adventure and admiration while others are small and shy and prefer to stay invisible, hidden in the rich vegetation. There are plenty of rooms for rent, guesthouses, hotels, all gorgeous for their architecture, their gardens, their local color. There are also taverns, restaurants, cafes and even bars. All clean, organized and fully equipped to satisfy even the most demanding taste. The locals are hospitable and polite, always willing to treat you with a tsipouro, a spoon sweets, coffee, fruit, or answer your questions and give you directions.

The peninsula of Pelion is the perfect example of traditional atmosphere, natural beauty and modern comforts. Perched in a corner of Thessaly, Pelion, it is the ideal offer for holidays full of warmth and fun, full of natural beauties and comforts. Natural beauty dominates the landscapes that alternate, creating images of unique serenity and beauty, images where water, either as a spring or as a blue horizon, coexists with the green and the fragrances of the flowers. Throughout Pelion, there are villages and settlements, with the typical Pelion architecture that harmonises with the natural environment and gives Pelion its special beauty.

Pelion can be divided into four sections to make it easier to search for its villages. The northern part of Pelion includes villages such as Kamari and Veneto. On the eastern side, which includes the coastal villages, Tsagarada, Papa Nero and Agios Dimitrios.

On the western side it includes villages such as Amaliapolis, Anchialos and Pigadi and finally the southern side including the city of Volos and the villages of central Pelion, as well as its southern coast, villages such as Kala Nera, Trikeri, Platanias and the Mikro (Small).


Airport of N. Anchialos: +30 24280 76886
Airport of Skaithos: +30 24270 22945, 23300, +30 22049, 22200
Police Department of Magnisia: +30 24210 3904
Gas station of Anilio: +30 24260 31290
Gas station of Mouresi: +30 24260 49789
Gas station of Xourichti: +30 24260 49579
Timetables of the train of Pelion: +30 24210 23519
Hotels Union of Magnesia: 24210 20273
Station of interurban buses (KTEL) of Magnesia: +30 24210 33253, 25527
& +30 1421, +30 8001135555
National Services of Railway Transport (OSE): +30 24210 28555,
+30 24210 24056
Union of rooms to let of Magnesia: +30 24280 93260
Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO): +30 24280 93260


Greek Tourism office: +30 24210 24915
Central Office of Hellenic Seaways: +30 24210 23400, 23415, 35846
Central Office of Saos Ferries: +30 24210 31059 - 60, 25666, 22501
Port Office: +30 24210 28888, 38888
Hospital: +30 24210 94200 - 20


Pelion Ski Center

The Ski Center is developed on the mountain of Pelion at an altitude of 1471 m, altitude which is surprisingly low for a ski resort and gives it particularities in snowfall, soil morphology and climate.

There are 5 tracks totaling 15 km:
4 main ski slopes approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS)
1 cross-country road (Lang-Lauf), 5 km long, unique for its natural environment, as the descent is made of beech, wild-white, chestnut trees and overlooks the Aegean Sea.

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