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The island of Sifnos lies in the Aegean sea and is part of the south western Cyclades. South of Sifnos is located the small islet Kitriani, with it's only building, the oldest church of Sifnos, Panagia Kitriani, built sometime in the 10th and 11th century. The island is traversed by four parallel mountain ranges, the most distinctive peaks beeing Profitis Elias, in the center and Agios Simeon, to the north.

The terrain geomorphology of the island is made up of granite rock formations, clayey sandstone or slate, and limestone, among others. There is also a wealth of mineral deposits, including iron ore, copper, lead, manganese, galena, and magnesium. In ancient times there were gold and silver mines, and the Sifnaion stone quarries, from which the famous fine glass tableware was made, such as the ‘Sifnia’ wine glasses.

If you choose Sifnos as your destination you must go for a walk in the graphic alleyways, wander around the streets, have a swim in the crystal clear waters, from spring until late autumn. Also, find time to go to a fair, a unique experience. Finally, if you find yourself in Sifnos in spring, during the period of Easter, you will surely have a memorable time, since you will experience the manners and the traditions of the island, but also you will try the local traditional recipes, such as mastelo and melopita.

Sifnos is the ideal island for walkers. Here, the hikers have the opportunity to follow routes from the only network, as the entire Sifnos is traversed by small and big, connected together, paths. Purchase from the stores of the island the map of the paths of Sifnos and start exploring.

Sifnos, birthplace of Tselemendes, is the place you will eat well in the majority of restaurants. From carefully fish - bars to traditional taverns and all day cafes, you will definitely satisfy your palate.

The island can be reached by ferryboat throughout the year from Piraeus, Milos, Kimolos, Serifos, Kythnos, Sikinos, Ios, Folegandros, Santorini, Paros and Syros. In summertime the ferry services become more and more frequent and there are additional connections to other destinations, including Mykonos, Naxos and Lavrion. There is also a heliport in the Tholos area of the island, to the north east. The airports nearest to the island are those of Paros, Milos and Syros. The nearest international airports are on the islands of Santorini and Mykonos, but most overseas visitors arrive via the Athens International Airport ‘Eleftherios Venizelos’.





HARBOR POLICE 2284033617


BUS STATION 2284031977

TAXI STATION 2284031656



Hiking in Sifnos

Sifnos is the ideal island for those who like walking. The fans of walking will have the chance to follow many alternative paths. 

In 2015 the MUNICIPALITY OF SIFNOS, in cooperation with the organization Paths of Greece, has implemented a project regarding the new, modern, complete sign-posting of 19 main paths of Sifnos. The hikers now have all the necessary information (duration, direction, connection to other paths, bus stop location etc.) to enjoy their hiking trail without any stress, even if their hiking experience is short or non-existent. Therefore, Sifnos now has one of the most updated path networks all over Europe and those who have already explored it are exited.


Besides the information signs and the maps located in the villages, you will also find signs at the starting point of every path, at crossroads and wherever else they are required (see photos). At the top of the sign columns there are red and white lines, while on the signs you can find basic information regarding each path (path number, destination, duration, length). All along the paths you will find international signs in red and white, showing that you are still following the correct path.

extra TIP!

Those who wish to discover some of the non-marked paths of Sifnos can use hiking maps that can be bought in the island’s bookstores or they can find a professional guide.

Water Sports & Activities

1.There are rental agencies for canoe and other water sports at the beaches of Platis Gialos and Vathy.

2.You will find organized trips by boat and sailing vessels to beaches that are hard to access as well as to surrounding islands like Polyaigos, Milos, Kimolos, Paros etc. 

3.For lovers of the seabed, there is an educational diving center that operates in Sifnos the last couple of years. This is a unique opportunity to experience the magic of the underwater world.

Local and traditional products of Sifnos

Pottery is perhaps the best-known product of Sifnos.

The island, since ancient times, has a great tradition in pottery, an art which is still practiced to date. Many young Sifnians potters work the clay with excellent results giving a unique character in their creations. Pottery shops can be found throughout the island and the only sure thing is that it will be hard to make a choice. Buy utilitarian items (cups, cookware, trays, etc.), or decoratives in soft or bold colors, with elaborate designs or leaner decorations.

Due to the abundance of minerals (gold and silver) that existed in the mines of the island, Sifnians developed the art of silversmithing from ancient times demonstrating once more miraculous results by manufacturing world-renowned works. This art is still practiced by silver-goldsmiths in Sifnos until today.

Visit silversmith workshops and buy handmade jewelry, real works of art or request to prepare you the jewel of your desire.

Sifnos' flavors

Chickpea balls, are one of the most famous dishes of the local cuisine. Thickly ground chickpeas flavored with herbs such as marjoram and fried in plenty of oil until golden.

Caper salad has a distinct and intense flavor. A spread with capers and onions that are cooked together give a very tasty result.

Local cheeses such as gylomeni manoura, xynomyzithra, chloromanoura are an integral part of the Sifnian cuisine.