one&only Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second in population and expanse city of Greece. Usually is refeared as the co-capital of Greece. The city was found in 315 BC by the king of the Macedon Cassandros, son of the general Antipatros that left as trustee in Macedonia Great Alexander, when he dared the great expedition in Asia.

You will easily get to know the city by doing a nice walk down town but also little trip to nearby destinations (ex Chalkidiki). Symbol of the city is the White Tower that is located above the sea and now operates as a museum with beautiful collection about the byzantine history of Thessaloniki. It was built in 1500 AC approximately,and it was part of the defence system of the city, while over the years it also served other purposes.

In Thessaloniki are some of the most beautiful beaches, lots of great hotels but also some of the most famous restaurants of north Greece. It is defenitily the most cosmopolitan destination of the north as it has endless choices for shopping with main center road Tsimiski and other mall centers. Thessaloniki is the home of Thessaloniki Film Festival, International Expedition of Thessaloniki  and many other indigenous or international programs.

Certainly during your stay in Thessaloniki you have to enjoy a walk in Aristotelous square finishing in the beach and the White Tower. Visit Saint Sophia and also the Roman Market of Thessaloniki.

Finishing, in terms of fun and night life of the co-capital words are needless, since is famous for quality night life and, also, the choices are so many!

►TIP: It is required to go to the famous 'ladadika'..

- European Emergency Number 112

- Police 100

- Tourist Police (+30) 2310554874

- Fire Department 199

- Ambulance 166

- Port Authority (+30) 2310593134

- Traffic Police (+30) 2310250740

- Railway Customer Service Centre 14511

- Urban Transportation 11085

- Intercity coaches (+30) 2310595400

- TAXI 18300, 18180, 18288

- Airport (+30) 2310985000


- Thessaloniki's hospitals

- Hippokration (+30) 2313312000

- Papanikolaou (+30) 2313307000

- A.CH.E.P.A (+30) 2313303775

- Gennimata (+30) 2313308100

- Aghios Dimitrios (+30) 2313322100

- Aghios Pavlos (30) 2313304401

- Theagenio (+30) 2313301111

- Hospital of Skin & Venereal Diseases (+30) 2313308800

- Psychiatric (+30) 2313324100

- Chronic Disease Hospital (+30) 2313320001

- Papageorgiou (+30) 2313323000