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Western Zagori

From here, head for the village of Vikos. Its old stone threshing floor offers a view of the Vikos Gorge and the Voidomatis River's headwaters. Then follow the signs for Papigo along the road below the impressive Astraka Towers, five striking rock formations on Mount Tymfi. Megalo Papigo and Mikro Papigo, among the region's most traditional villages, feature wonderful architecture and well maintained cobblestone paths. Between the two villages, at the Ovires in the Rogovo stream - small natural pools suitable for swimming during the summer months.

Tour Central Zagori

Start at Ano Pedina, the location of the Monastery of Evaggelistria, a fortified construction dating back to 1647. Four kilometres away, Kato Pedina, a picturesque small village nestled in the hillside, is home to the Mesochori Kafeneio. A narrow road that branches off that running between Ano Pedina and Kato Pedina leads to Elafotopos, which has remained untouched by mainstream tourism. Head back to the main road and follow the signs for Vitsa and Monodendri, two villages built overlooking the Vikos Gorge. From the square at Monodendri, a cobblestonepath leads to the Monastery of Agia Paraskevi and ends up at the edge of the Vikos Gorge, where the view is sensational. However, the best place for photographs is Oxia, beyond the village, where there is a natural viewing platform.

After the village of Elati you'll find Ano Kato, a traditionalwool-weaving workshop. Next, head to the village of Dilofo, where the main square with its grand mansions and cobblestone pathways, will transport you back in time. The Voidomatis River is spanned by a number of stone structures, and Dilofo is close to two of these - the Bridge of Captain Arkoudas and Kokkori's Bridge. The village of Kipi, our route's next stop, feautures the impressive triple-arched Plakidas bridge. The single-arched Kontodimos bridge and the Mylos Bridge -with a water mill- are located a little further down the track.

Kapesovo, one of the most striking of the Zagori region's villages, has a lovely central square. Explore its cobblestone streets and look out for the imposing Paschalios School building.

In Vradeto, the Zagori region's highest and oldest village, the renewed Skala -a stone- constructed 1,200-step staircase- links the village to Kapesovo and is a main attraction. A comfortable 30-minute-walk from Vradeto leads to the Beloi viewpoint, which looks out over the Vikos Gorge. 

At Tsepelovo, the largest of all the Zagori villages, head to the pretty square and the Agios Nikolaos Church, featuring superb frescoes. Continuing in an easterly direction will bring you to the beginning of a charming route that passes through a pine and fir forest. Stop for a look at the open-air folklore museum with a construction of a Sarakatsani settlement near the village of Skamneli.

Head on for three remote villages, Iliochori, feauturing wonderful waterfalls, Vrysochori and Laista, whose splendid square is graced by three age-old plane tree

Municipality of Central Zagori (Zagorochoria): (+30) 26530 22536

Community of Papigou (Zagorochoria): (+30) 26530 41931

Tour. Police of Ioannina (Zagorochoria): (+30) 2651025673

Hospital (Zagorohoria): (+30) 26510 80111



The rafting in Greece in recent years acquired fans.

If you love the water element you can live the experience of rafting that offers direct contact with the water in conjunction with the sail through majestic landscapes alternating quickly. You can select any of the exciting trails tiered difficulty we suggest, ideal for beginners and advanced must. If you have no prior experience of rafting our guides will advise you on the technical staging - rowing boat, special orders and dangerous parts of the river.

The most representative rivers for rafting in Greece and the region are as follows:

►Aoos, the only Greek river which flows outside the Greek borders, for a unique experience of rafting,

►Voidomatis, passing through the heart of the National Park of Vikos - Aoou, below the Papigkon famous for drinking water (the rafting at Zagoria is must!), the Arachthos watersheds, with the rugged gorge and two of the most famous bridges of Epirus, these Plaka and Arta makes rafting in Arachthos Tzumerka an unforgettable experience,

►Kalamas, easy river rafting, which even the ancients used for waterborne movements,

►Venetikos, a tributary of Aliakmona, the longest river in Greece. Rafting in Venetikos and Aliakmona Unforgettable Experience.

International trips descents rafting: the Zambezi, Peru, Nepal, organized excursions for experienced and non-hunters adventure. in cooperation with Rafting Tours Augsburg ;

Hot dog

For more adrenaline and emotions different from rafting, rapids and dare-seater or two-seater inflatable boats Colorado. An innovation for the Greek data. Make rafting with another type of boat, closer and more flexible. The technique is more aggressive, faster and will definitely leave you speechless.

Vasilitsa Ski Center

At Ski Center of Vasilitsa on top parking, Alpine Zone create for the visitors of the area installations with Alpine temperament, where ski center's visitors can:

rent new ski equipment and snowboard, which is updated and maintained annually
to attend ski lessons for beginners or/and advanced in every level from professional teachers ski (members of the National Union of Teachers and Coaches ski).

The highly trained teachers use the latest teaching methods ski / snowboard, to introduce you to the theory and practice of sport and to help you to your make technique perfect.

The snow is not only for the funs of ski or snowboard.