The Ski Center 

The Ski Center of Parnassus has been operating since 1976 at an altitude of 1,640 to 2,260 meters. It is the largest ski resort in the country, with 23 tracks (some of which are certified by the International Ski Federation FIA for racing) of 34 kilometers in length for all skill levels and all degrees of difficulty.
With the modernization of the lifts and the unification of the Kellaras - Fterolakas is undoubtedly the most modern and modern technological ski resort in the country, equal to the foreign ones. It is the first ski resort in the country to install a dismountable aerial lift and one of the few in the world that has since 2015 five new Detachable Combi lifts to serve skiers and visitors at the same speed and especially safely.
Its facilities include mass catering and leisure, rental, maintenance and sale of ski equipment and ski schools, and a souvenir shop. First aid is also provided in the presence of a doctor and a nurse.



Arachova, the Snow Queen


Perched on the ridge of Parnassus, bathed in the light, shrouded in the clouds or with its lights shining at night, Arachova stands amidst the passage of time. Countryside stone houses, picturesque paved alleys, unsurpassed natural beauty, tradition, intense nightlife, local delicacies ... welcome thousands of visitors. The cosmopolitan, winter sports fans and nature, as well as those who just want to live their "myth", give their appointment every year here. On the balcony of Parnassus! Built on five hills, 1,000 meters above sea level and just 160 km from Athens, the "Parnassos bride" is considered the most cosmopolitan winter resort in Greece.



What to see

-the church of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary, St. George and St. John with the unique Byzantine wall paintings

-the chapel of the Evangelistria that hosts the Arachovite flag, the first flag of the revolted Roumeli

- excursion to Delphi, the "navel of the earth". (Archaeological Museum of Delphi, Ancient Stadium, Theater, Delphi Gymnasium)

- excursion to Galaxidi (Galaxidi Archaeological Collection, Galaxidi Maritime Museum)


Thermal springs

For the visitor to Parnassos, but also for the tired traveler on the Athens-Thessaloniki road axis, the experience of the thermal springs found in the EDIPSOS - KAMENA VOURLA - THERMOPYLES - KALLIDROMO - YPATH - PLATYSTOMO is suggested.

In addition to a delightful, warm and relaxing bath (especially in the winter, you enjoy the abundant FREE OF CHARGE), you can also try the healing properties of springs known from antiquity and see a significant improvement in skin, joint or respiratory problems.


Traditional products

Local wine and tsipouro; handmade trachana and noodles; generous quantities of local formaela cheese and fruit, the famous carpets with traditional Arachovian designs.


Where to stay

• Santa Marina Arachova

• Santa Marina Resort & Spa

• Hotel Lycoria

• Alpen House

• Arachova Inn

• Domotel Anemolia

• Boutique Hotel Skamnos

• Monte Bianco Villas

• Elafivolia Arachova Suites



And where to eat?

• Panagiota Arahova

• Fterolaka

• Aesthetics

• Le Sapin

• Tavola Restaurant

• Pomodori


• The Tsoukalli

• Kaplan

• Zachos tavern



Night Out


•Le Sapin





•Doctor John

•Cine Celena