THE COMPANY is an interactive web platform designed to highlight various destinations in Greece, displaying a complete portfolio of tourist products and attractions. Its aims are to promote culture, history, through various sights and the country's natural beauty. offers features such as the full portrayal of its destinations and is a unique product for Greek tourism. It also provides comprehensive information on destinations as well as the experiences and activities that users can experience in Greece. Finally, it is possible to search for various types of services aimed at serving the traveler before and during his journey. is available to local producers , business owners and companies which are able to display their products, businesses and services to the public on the Destination page of each business, with an independent page of the company including photographic material , Information, tips, contact information, and "Reservations", wherever possible, for the convenience and prompt service of the user. For business / owners who want to promote their business through "One & Only Greece",  can contact the site in the "Promote your business" section, where the business user comes in direct contact with the Department of Marketing, Advertising and Promotion of the Company, or by calling +30 6943612200, or via e-mail at' s vision is to become the most easy to use but on the other hand a reliable site that will include travelers from Greece and abroad as well as providing them with information about any kind of service they may need before and during their journey. It aims to highlight places known to the general public but also the unknown destinations of Greece.