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Kalavrita is a historic town of Achaia, built at the foot of mount Chelmos, at an altitude of 720 to 840 m. The population is about 1.700 permanent residents. Here is the municipality of Kalavrita. Is also called "town of suffers" because of the ills suffered from the Germans, therefore, it is the seat of towns and villages that suffered in Greece. In recent years, Kalavrita has become a major tourist attraction with excellent facilities for all tastes. Undoubtedly, an important part of that attraction is the ski operation. New restaurants, dozens of properties, several coffee bars, patisseries, shops selling traditional products, retailers and rental skis have been created. Also, the municipal authority has recently completed walkway around the Mall, using cobblestones and in some points even made a tasteful imitation of railway lines.

A walk in the beautiful city 

The pedestrian 25th March street starts slightly uphill, from the railway station. Entering there, on the left of an old primary school, is housed the Municipal Museum of the Holocaust. Take a visit ( phone 2692023646, entrance 3€). Outside now, on the right, there is the dairy shop "Gri Gri", where you can have coffee, tyropita, galaktoboureko, cream and rizogalo. In the narrow streets is the Mansion of Palaiologina, in the form of a fortress and Byzantine-style building, which was built by Thomas(brother of Konstantinos Palaiologos). Today it houses the offices of the municipality's cultural enterprise, hosting exhibitions, conferences, workshops, etc. Continue on the main pedestrian street, passing the traditional products store Tagaris and the store Ermidis, climb a little longer, until you get to the central square dominated by the Cathedral of Koimiseos tis Theotokou. Moving to the square, climb a bit further on the pedestrian road, finding the traditional products store Chelmos. Now, turning back to the square, notice that the clock in the southern steeple shows the normal time while at he clock in the northern steeple is stopped at 2:34, reminding forever the slaughter of December 13th, 1943. And since we are talking about the tragic events of '43, let's go on-site to live them up close. 

The Vouraikos Gorge

Undoubtedly the most beautiful part of the route is in the  location called Portes "doors". There  we will distinguish two tunnels: the right, from where the train passes today, we also see a bridge which we can move on safely gripping onto the  handles but when entering the long, pitch dark tunnel, where the train comes through, there is no space to stand on the side, we should know that the train is wider than the rails so there is a risk of severe accidents! So if you are going to move from there, you must absolutely know  the train timetables and  inform  the train inspector  in advance.  Entering the left tunnel (the old one, which has no rails) we will see huge metal doors, no longer used but once was used to close the two tunnel entrances to avoid pedestrians from passing. But once we come out of this tunnel, we come upon  a very old ramshackle bridge from (1896),  where must pass without grabbing any handles or fences,  and surely with great caution because just below there is a huge gap with rocks and  a river. Finally mentioning, that the old trains type Billard from 1/6/2009 have been replaced by new trains type  Stadler.


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