Spring 2017: Santorini of Colours

Posted ON 01-03-2017

Santorini offers the most ravishing sunset on the planet and its communities which hang over the edge of the volcanic kaldera, enchant us with their bold picturequeness and cause visitors to swarm here more than any other place on earth.

Fira, Imerovigli of song and Oia are the places of the island which are the apotheosis of the best of Cycladic architecture.

The history of the island begins with the prehistoric period and the excavations of Professor Marinatos, made findings of the Precycladic period. Nature in the past stood mercilessly opposite the catastrophic destruction of the island with the eruption of the volcano, but was repaid subsequently with the relief of landscape which it produced.

Begin exploring from the old capital of Pyrgos and experience unique folds of the divine world of Greek traditional facades.











The sunset of Oia in Santorini, is thought to be one of the most beautiful in the world.











Oia is the most photographed community of Santorini.

Every evening thousands of visitors collect at the edge of the castle of Oia, in order to experience a marvelous sunset.

Oia is the queen of the Cyclades and one of the most atmospheric places on our planet. Beautiful "appearances" of Aegean sea architecture with a view of the Aegean itself. Colours play hidden and never stop continuously surprising the impressed visitor.

Most of the houses of Oia function today as traditional guest-houses. The majority of the houses are neoclassical with strong Cycladic influences and the most significant are the old "Captain's houses" of the island.

Imerovigli of song is a golden link, which connects cosmopolitan Fira with the siren of the Aegean, Oia. Many of the most luxurious guest - houses are sited underground, in and around the rock.

Santorini leaves speechless whoever idly approaches by boat. Its communities appear to fly over the sea. It moonscape appearance was created largely by the explosion of the volcano, which made up much of the island prior to the eruption thousands of years ago and which gave it the appearance it has today.

Definetely, the best view of Santorini is that of the external side of Oia on the side toward kaldera (the remains of the still live volcano). The other wordly landscape is magnetic and riveting. The bars and the taverns are thronged with crowds of tourists, who enjoy the coming of a night, which does not resemble any other.



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