Porto Germeno

Porto Germeno, Attica 190 12 Lovelist




The long beach in front of the homonymous summer settlement is a beach of free access situated some 20 kilometers far from Villia and 60 kilometers western to the city center of Athens. Porto Germeno is the actual name of the ancient settlement of Aigosthena which in antiquity used to be the port of Megara at Corinthiakos Bay.

Accommodation facilities are available both in the settlement and in the broader area; at Porto Germeno you may also find all provisions necessary for a short or longer staying in the area. Several taverns by the sea offer to the visitors nice food and an excellent view of the bay, which is surrounded by two mountains, Kithairon at the right and Pateras at the left, which look like slipping down into the sea of Corinthiakos bay.

The beach is not much organized, but it is pretty popular and receives many people, especially in the weekends, when the residents of the area around, but also from Athens, come to enjoy the sea.

Access to the beach is possible via Villia, by rented or private car and motorbikes. Just after you have passed the village of Villia you will arrive at the “Vryssi tis Tassias”, a spring at the right side of the road, within a wonderful environment where you may also relax sitting on the benches purposely established here. Close enough to the sea you will find a crossroad; the way to Porto Germeno is the right one. On your way to the beach you will find the site of “Thea” which is certainly worth the name (“thea” is the Greek word for “view”). If you continue for a little longer, you will arrive to the beach.