Artemida (Loutsa)

Artemida (Loutsa), Αrtemis 190 16 Lovelist




The beach is not organized, but as it is found almost in front of the settlement it is ideal for a quick dive, within an environment with several facilities around.

During the weekends you may have some difficulties to find a parking close to the beach, especially in August.

The long sandy beach of Loutsa, extended in front of the homonymous settlement which in the past was only a summer settlement and now has been developed to the small town of Artemida, is situated at a distance of some 25 kilometers eastern to the center of Athens. The beach is open and affected both to the northern and the southern winds blowing in the area.

There are several accommodation facilities close to the beach, both in the town of Artemida and at the neighboring settlements of Rafina and Porto Rafti. The settlement also offers many alternatives for nice food and for entertainment and nightlife; you will find several music bars, coffee bars and haunts for young people.

Access to the beach is easy by the intercity public buses (KTEL) running regularly, as well as by rented or private car and motorbikes.