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Along here are pretty taverns serving homemade food and modern cafes which combine tradition with modern features, and comfortable hotels. 

Known as the "Navel of the Earth", Delphi (12 km from the center of Arachova) was the site where during antiquity it operated the most famous and most important oracle in the Greek World. Homer was the first to refer to the city, under the name of Pitho. The oracle flourished between the 6th and 4th centuries BC when the oracles expressed themselves in the form of tales from Pithia and were taken to the priests serving in the Temple of Apollon. The reputation of the sanctuary reached as far as the ends of the world, resulting in the arrival of powerful rulers. Mere mortals wished to consult the god. Today, Delphi's reputation continues to attract great numbers of tourists and visitors who choose this particular destination either as a base or for a day trip from the neighboring Arachova, whose landmark is the archaeological site and museum. The main spine of the town is the central Pavlou and Friderikis Street.